keeping my health in mind

i’ve been consciously trying, for a little while now, to lose weight. between my doctor saying i’m technically “overweight” and a minor scare with rising blood sugar, losing weight became a more immediate goal that kicking my smoking habit.

with one chronic illness already, the idea of adding type 2 diabetes was a chilling one. almost immediately, i gave up soft drinks altogether (ok, maybe one 3 or 4 times a year); it was much easier than i thought it would be. just that one relatively minor change put my blood sugar back in a normal healthy range, but did little to lower my weight.

at 5’7’’ and, as of this morning, 188 pounds, some medical chart somewhere has labeled me as “overweight”. i’ve felt fat for a long time, but didn’t think too much about it until he told me that. for my height i should be somewhere in the 145-160 pound range. i’ve been shooting for 155 and clearly still have a long way to go. Continue reading “keeping my health in mind”

throwback thursday: the crew at kbc

you’d think with something like 8000 pictures to choose from, i wouldn’t have any trouble finding something to share on thursdays. but i have been struggling the last few weeks….

so, this is from mid-october 2007. i don’t recall for what celebratory reason we’d gathered at kona brewing company. from the lei emma has donned, i’m guessing it was her birthday. or it could have been something school related…. can you graduate in mid-october from a masters or phd program?

from left to right: dean, becky, me, emma, beks, katja.

i miss these guys.

and can’t help but think… i’m the only one pictured that’s still single.

september 28, 2016

as i come to the late afternoon, i’m still struggling to materialize a worthwhile post for today; i’m feeling overwhelmed.

it happens occasionally. my brain goes into overdrive on so many things at once, that it becomes hard for me to focus much on anything at all. life pressures, reminders of things i want to do, or put another way, things i haven’t done or things that are absent in my life.

over the years, i’ve learned this is a symptom, at least for me, of the mild but chronic depression (dysthymia) that i struggle with. so no real post today, instead just a list of topics, thoughts, ideas, feelings running through my head:

money and debt… online dating and relationships… photography… writing… graduate school… work… career… health… weight… smoking… presidential election… productivity and organization… home ownership….

throwback thursday should offer me a relatively easier post, though i’ll have to find a good picture. in the meantime, the best thing for me is to keep my head down and ride out this temporary disfunction until my brain quiets down a bit.

clinton vs. trump: 1st debate

if you’re like me, and something like 100 million other americans, you sat down and watched at least part of the debate yesterday. though, admittedly, i couldn’t get through the whole thing….

in this age of short attention spans, sound bites, and emotion-based voting, the debate was little more than a show; it was a presentation of the reality-tv type of conflict to which the american people have become addicted. from the few people i’ve actually talked to about the debate, there were two general responses: pain or amusement. Continue reading “clinton vs. trump: 1st debate”

music monday: ana ng

one of the very first concerts i went to when i was in high school was they might be giants. i think it was for their “john henry” album release in 1994. though so many of their albums are terrific, this one is noteworthy because it was the first one recorded with a full band; previously it has just been the johns on their own.

still the video i’m sharing today is “ana ng” from another album, “lincoln,” released in 1988.

they might be giants, though i don’t often listen to them anymore, are one of my favorite bands and among the best live performers i’ve ever seen.

throwback: equality hawaii gala

this week’s throwback thursday was an easy one, thanks to facebook.

this is me, looking like some kind of fancy dwarf, with the very attractive ashley kruse on my arm. she was kind enough to be my date to the equality hawaii gala at aloha tower in september of 2013.

the gala was a formal fundraising event for the organization as we made the final push for marriage equality in hawaii. i reluctantly agreed to don a suit, newly acquired, just for the occasion…. it a fun night all around, though the highlight for me was having ashley accompany me.

snowden movie

several progressive and bernie supporters gathered last night at the ward center consolidated theater to see the movie snowden, directed by oliver stone.

the movie, in case you’re not familiar, follows edward snowden through his career in intelligence until june 2013 when, working with reporters, leaked information about various spying programs by the NSA.

i’d definitely recommend it. the movie is well done and, rightly, portrays snowden as a hero who risked his career and freedom to make public the illegal spying being conducted by the NSA.

at the conclusion of the movie, i thought i should go back and read the original articles from the guardian and washington post. check them out as well.

two parts: one event, one question

as i’ve been bogged down in actual work today, this will be a quick post.

one. i want to invite everyone to the fifth annual laborfest.

it’s a great event, put on by good, solid progressives and supporters of economic justice concerns and organized labor. please attend if you can and spread the word.

two. in an effort to encourage more people to read my blog, i thought it might be worth asking people what they might like to see me write about. current events, politics, personal… whatever, are just some examples. of course, if the suggestion is, for me, boring or too personal, etc. i just pass it over. but maybe there are some good ideas, interesting topics that folks might want to see written about here.

i’d really appreciate any suggestions on topics you can share.

music monday: the national

the national is one of my all-time favorite bands. i dig their sound and their style.

i found them in a very random way. writing a post about a friend’s wedding… several years ago… i was looking for a website for the late-night dinner we had gone to after the reception was over. both the that post and the name of the dinner are lost to me, but i still have the national. a great find.

this is the very first song i stumbled upon so many years ago.

and this one… well, i just like pretty much everything about this video.

as they’re one of my top five bands, you’ll likely be seeing more of them here, but in the meantime, i’d encourage you to check them out.

happy monday!

sunday in wailua

i’m spending the weekend on kauai, not for r&r, but to help my friend gary hooser run for reelection to the kauai county council.

the last time i was on this island for any stretch was… several years ago when i flew over for a week to spend time with family who had come for vacation. a small, sleepy island, it’s definitely a change from my normal honolulu scenery. its been good.

immediately after landing on friday afternoon, i joined a sign waving already in progress at the intersection just outside the airport. it was a great turnout, despite the occasional downpour; i arrived about an hour into it and there were still roughly 50 people there.

saturday was a canvassing day. i’m not terribly fond of canvassing, as i’m usually not comfortable knocking on doors and talking to strangers. it’s ok, though. intent on helping, despite my discomfort, i was tasked with placing campaign signs. and by placing in mean hammering into the ground! it was labor intensive, but still much preferred to the alternative. by the end of our three-hour shift, my group had planted something like 30 signs.

we returned to gary’s house for lunch, after which the afternoon group went out. having not gotten much sleep the night before, i stayed behind to do some data entry… and have a nap.

saturday night was the kauai turno ball and gary’s campaign had purchased a table. i’d never been to one and though i didn’t really know what to expect, it was a very nice evening: music, dancing (not by me), good food, and an entertaining program. i even donned some of the traditional attire. all in all a good evening.

exhausted, we came back to the house and straight to bed.

aside from a campaign meeting this afternoon, today will be relaxing and low key. a trip to the beach is in order, if the weather clears. otherwise, lounging will be fine with me too.

sorry no pictures, but i hope you enjoy your sunday.