a new bigger iphone

i’ve been using a bluetooth headset with my iPhone to make calls.

some time back, the receiver speaker on the phone became annoyingly quiet, even with the volume set at maximum. it’s been so annoying, in fact, that i don’t really even want to use the phone without the bluetooth headset.

maybe i’m going deaf, but i don’t think so.

i got this phone two years ago. at the time i moved to one of the installment plans that allows me to upgrade every two years. since the receiver started acting up, i’ve been waiting patiently to reach that two-year mark.

finally, this week i crossed that line!

i went to my local at&t store after work yesterday to see about upgrading to the iPhone 7 plus. though i was prepared to hand over my phone for the new larger shiny one, i was disappointed to learn that i’d have to wait for apple to ship it to me. apparently, the model i wanted is among the most popular and there’s a slight back order. and here i thought i was unique in my tastes. oh well.

so i’m eagerly waiting the two weeks, or so, it will take to get my new iphone.

though i do buy more stuff online now that i used to, there’s something frustrating about waiting for boats, planes, trucks, etc. to bring your new toy. it lacks the instant gratification of walking out of the store with it in hand.

still hurray for new iphone 7 plus!

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