a new start

it’s hard to say how many times i’ve “restarted” this blog; certainly more than once, which is arguably too many.

over the years, it’s gotten harder to sit down and create content on a regular basis and there are many reasons.

one, i’ve gotten busier and more involved in various things as i’ve gotten older. in my down time, i’m less inclined to pull up to the laptop and draft… anything. two, though there’s often any of number of things i could sit down and write about, it inevitably happens that when i try, my brain goes blank, or to topics arguably beaten to death. and then there are other topics which i’m not entirely comfortable sharing for public consumption. oh sure, over the years i’ve let slip a glimpse of my crazy, but as i’ve gotten better at coping i’ve also gotten better at hiding the crazy that still remains.

then, of course, i often wonder who the hell cares to actually read what i write….

so, with the recent relative upheaval of my semi-professional life, i’m left with a bit of a hole in my life. a greater-than-normal amount of free time and a frustration and disillusionment has me doing a bit of soul-searching; what better place to do soul-searching than on my blog!

as i attempt to restart the blog, i’m trying out some new blogging software, desk pm, which, in theory, will make posting a bit easier and quicker. i’m also working on some other projects; including restarting the video blogging and merging my long-dormant peoplesdialectic.com blog with this one.

more later.

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