we’ve got one hell of a weekend bearing down on us. frankly, i’m not sure which is currently causing me more stress: the two hurricanes scheduled to cause some very immediate unpleasantness, or the looming primary election this saturday (or that the immediate unpleasantness might directly impact the election). either way, i’ll just say that it isn’t a good weekend to quit smoking, start dieting, or any such thing.

the big island of hawaii is bracing for category 1 hurricane iselle to make landfall later today, while the rest of the state prepares for the tropical storm remnants that will surely affect the rest of the state. then, although its looking less and less like it will have a major impact, hurricane julio is just a few days behind. i’d tell people to prepare, but i’m guessing you’re already doing so. Continue reading stay tuned

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as i continue to ponder the idea of a video blog, i’ve started learning some of the necessary skills. i’ve already played around a little with imovie, editing a video of two for the abercrombie for governor campaign. and while i need to continue to develop that skill, i’ve also started puttering around with creating animations in photoshop. here’s my first attempt:

i haven’t settled on a theme, topic, etc. for the project, so this is just a quick attempt at animation, to see if i could figure it out and get a sense of how time-intensive it could be later on.

stay tuned for more updates on my video blog project!

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since i got no useful feed back to my last post (in fact i got no feed back. at all.), i’m hesitant to reach out into the inter-web for more input and suggestions. still, since this is what’s on my mind at the moment, i will optimistically do so….

i’ve been giving a lot of thought to the creation of a video blog, vlog (i’m not sure how i feel about that abbreviation, or whatever you call it). during this past week, i reached out to two of my oldest and smartest friends to see what they thought of the idea of a vlog, solicit concept ideas and suggestions, and if they might be interested in participating in a collaboration. both, intrigued by the idea, said they’d give it some thought.

in the meantime, i continue to ponder the idea myself, while also poking around the internet for ideas, tips, etc. also, i started watching other video blogs, to get an sense of what others are doing, and came across the vlogbrothers, which i find very entertaining, and have been watching, starting from their first post and working my way to the present. it channel is done by two brothers, both very geeky and funny.  Continue reading video blog! and reading tips

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i recently purchased a shotgun microphone to use with my canon rebel t5i. it’s original use was to do some video recording for a reelection campaign event for¬†governor abercrombie. it worked really well for the event and i’m pleased with the purchase, but i’m quickly ha!realizing how rarely i’ll actually need such a mic, unless i create an expressed need for it.

to that end, i’m considering starting a video blog; creating my own channel, or whatever, on youtube. part of me likes the idea, part of me is hesitant.

as such i’m reaching out to invite comments, suggestions. what do you think about it? good idea? bad idea? what kind of topics, issues, etc. would you like to see, if i decide to give it a shot?


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