some photos make me chuckle no matter how many times i’ve seen them, or how long it’s been since i looked at them.

this is one of those.

from left to right: dan, can’t remember, bill, hal, can’t remember, val, doubt, me, and some woman (i don’t think she was with us)

this was probably in 1998 or 1999? maybe someone in the picture (who actually reads my blog) will be able to fill in some of the gaps in my bad memory.

i can’t recall why exactly, but it always makes me think of the reservoir dogs. except we’re all young and jewish.




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music monday is back this week with one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists: tiny dancer by elton john.

i tried a new location in my apartment to record in an effort to try and keep the setting a bit fresh. i’m not sure it worked out.

this is also the first video, i think, in which there was no discernible gap between the video and audio (at least youtube couldn’t detect any), which is good.

i’m hoping to try out different scenes in the coming weeks. any suggestions? or suggestions for songs?

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this past weekend i spent time with hundreds of progressive activists and leaders from across the state at the people’s congress.

it was an exciting and inspiring two-day conference that i hope will be the beginning of a political shift in hawaii.

i’ll talk more about the whole event later, but for today’s music monday video, i wanted to share a performance that we were honored to witness at the conclusion of the weekend’s work.

kupu hawaii is a non-profit organization that, “empowers future generations to create a more sustainable, pono Hawaii”. the kids who participate in the program come from difficult circumstances, bad homes, etc.

they were at the venue with us the whole weekend. the help prepare and serve us food, helped set up for us. and they were so kind, generous, and so excited about what were were undertaking at the people’s congress. these performances were their way of saying, “thank you” to us.

really, though the whole weekend was incredibly humbling and inspiring, it was the performance of these kinds that nearly brought me to tears sunday afternoon.

please check out and share the two videos, check out the organization, and if you can, please donate. kupu hawaii does amazing work.

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during a discussion of the nodapl action taking place at standing rock, there was a question about whether president obama was planning to attend one last presidential holiday on oahu before leaving the white house.

it was our hope he would return, so protests could be organized near the residence he stays in in kailua. his silence on the issue has been hypocritical, heartless, criminal, and exactly what we’ve come to expect from this president.

alas, it sounds like he’s chosen to wait out his last days within the comfort and safety of the white house security perimeter.

still, the conversation reminded me of a similar protest progressives initiated back in 2010. we called for, among other things, an end to the war in iraq. the action was relatively small, but spirited. and peaceful.

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traveling during the holidays is always an interesting experience, though one i haven’t had in quite some time. most of my regular readers (i’m learning i have quite a bit more than i thought) are aware that i have returned to my childhood home in overland park, kansas for thanksgiving.

its been a good visit so far, particularly as i’ve had lots of time to spend with my youngest nephew, who i haven’t spent as much time with as i’d otherwise prefer.

and its COLD here. i know, i know…. its not really cold, but i’ve embraced the reality that i’ve become a complete sissy to temperature extremes since moving to hawaii more than 14 years ago. so, for the average kansan, the weather has been brisk, or chilly, but not really cold. of course, i beg to differ. friends and family alike have taken some delight in my suffering given where i live.

a couple of quick photos (i’ll share more later).

i was surprised, but pleased to see bubbie’s mochi ice cream for sale at whole foods in overland park. is it terrible to be surprise that folks in kansas know what mochi ice cream is?

here’s an experience i haven’t had in many, many years; waiting patiently while a train moves through the area. i was there for a minute, or two before i could continue….

beyond all that, i haven’t much to share. i did want to take a moment, however belatedly, to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe thanksgiving holiday. i hope you’ve all been able to enjoy quality time with loved ones.

i’m certainly thankful i’ve been able to.

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