some photos make me chuckle no matter how many times i’ve seen them, or how long it’s been since i looked at them.

this is one of those.

from left to right: dan, can’t remember, bill, hal, can’t remember, val, doubt, me, and some woman (i don’t think she was with us)

this was probably in 1998 or 1999? maybe someone in the picture (who actually reads my blog) will be able to fill in some of the gaps in my bad memory.

i can’t recall why exactly, but it always makes me think of the reservoir dogs. except we’re all young and jewish.




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during a discussion of the nodapl action taking place at standing rock, there was a question about whether president obama was planning to attend one last presidential holiday on oahu before leaving the white house.

it was our hope he would return, so protests could be organized near the residence he stays in in kailua. his silence on the issue has been hypocritical, heartless, criminal, and exactly what we’ve come to expect from this president.

alas, it sounds like he’s chosen to wait out his last days within the comfort and safety of the white house security perimeter.

still, the conversation reminded me of a similar protest progressives initiated back in 2010. we called for, among other things, an end to the war in iraq. the action was relatively small, but spirited. and peaceful.

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traveling during the holidays is always an interesting experience, though one i haven’t had in quite some time. most of my regular readers (i’m learning i have quite a bit more than i thought) are aware that i have returned to my childhood home in overland park, kansas for thanksgiving.

its been a good visit so far, particularly as i’ve had lots of time to spend with my youngest nephew, who i haven’t spent as much time with as i’d otherwise prefer.

and its COLD here. i know, i know…. its not really cold, but i’ve embraced the reality that i’ve become a complete sissy to temperature extremes since moving to hawaii more than 14 years ago. so, for the average kansan, the weather has been brisk, or chilly, but not really cold. of course, i beg to differ. friends and family alike have taken some delight in my suffering given where i live.

a couple of quick photos (i’ll share more later).

i was surprised, but pleased to see bubbie’s mochi ice cream for sale at whole foods in overland park. is it terrible to be surprise that folks in kansas know what mochi ice cream is?

here’s an experience i haven’t had in many, many years; waiting patiently while a train moves through the area. i was there for a minute, or two before i could continue….

beyond all that, i haven’t much to share. i did want to take a moment, however belatedly, to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe thanksgiving holiday. i hope you’ve all been able to enjoy quality time with loved ones.

i’m certainly thankful i’ve been able to.

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i’m learning that though i have a lot of pictures, they’re not very well organized, not to mention that they’re not all in one location. this makes it a bit frustrating to find pictures to post.

anyway…. after spending too much time fist-shaking at flickr and prime photos, i’ve settled on a few from thanksgiving 2010.

you’ll (probably) notice i’m significantly thinner than i am now. while i’d like to attribute this to healthy living, it was in fact a result have having lost something like 40 pounds over that summer. around the time these pictures were taken i was diagnosed with crohn’s disease.

two hospital stays, one major surgery, and a regular regimen of pills and injections and the crohn’s is under control. and i’ve long since added back all the weight.

its also important to note kellee jones in these pictures. she was one of the sweetest, kindest, and most troubled people i’ve known. kellee died a few years ago and is missed.

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i’ve been struggling since last night with what i should write about today. now it’s 2:30pm and i still haven’t settled on anything.

this is partly because when i think about it, my mind races with too many topics. and this is partly because most of the topics that come to mind would require some background reading. don’t get me wrong, i’m not opposed to doing the necessary reading and google searches. i just haven’t done them to this point.

also, i’m having to give larger amounts of time to an ongoing project or two.

all this is the long way of saying that there won’t be a substantive post today.

in the meantime, here’s a list of potential topics for the next several days. if there’s enough feedback from my relatively small audience on one or two, maybe i’ll know where to go from here.

  • a follow-up on my previous electoral college post
  • 3 questions from my therapist to contemplate
  • how the hell did we end up with trump
  • my photography aspirations (and how to get there, maybe)
  • what do we do next

of course, i’m also open to requests.

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