i have a terrible memory for names, dates, events…. this, sadly, includes important birthdays and anniversaries. thankfully in this age of smartphones and facebook, i’m pretty well covered.

and so it is today. scanning my facebook thread while walking from the parking lot to my office this morning, i was reminded that nine years ago today one of my old high school friends married a wonderful woman who is absolutely perfect for him.

i traveled to my place of my childhood to attend the wedding, bachelor party, and other gatherings. plus spend quality time with so many friends i don’t see nearly enough.

matching their style, the wedding and the reception and fun that followed was a well-tuned balance of elegant and goofy fun.

i had dinner with danny and lindsey and their two adorable daughters this past august while on my extended post-convention vacation.

i can’t believe it’s already been nine years. but so it goes.

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no music monday video today…. i’ve been in a bit of a funk the last few days and couldn’t bring myself to sit and do a video this weekend.

still, i think this picture will more than make up for it.

this was not a halloween costume. in 2000 (i think) i went to oberlin’s famous drag ball. i have pictures of other friends who attended (and dressed in drag), but thought best not to embarrass them without prior permission.

the dress, hat, necklace, and clip-on earrings were acquired at a make-shift thrift store on oberlin’s campus just for the occasion. unlike others in our group, i refused to don make-up or shave anyplace that i didn’t normally shave.

i may still have the dress… somewhere, but seriously doubt the thing still fits.

anyway, happy halloween!

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digging through stacks of photographs my mother sent me, i came across a handful of printed black and white photos i had taken and printed, myself, in high school.

i loved photography. my very first camera was a canon ae-1 and i carried it everywhere with me the last couple years of high school. that’s the only time i’ve had pretty much unfettered access to a dark room.

the darkroom at shawnee mission south was one of my favorite places and i spent countless hours there.

in these days of lightroom, photoshop, and cameras built in to our smartphones, film photography is all but dead. for a time, i refused to give up my film cameras as a protest to a transforming art form. i got over it.

taken during an excursion to downtown kansas city in high school. while no big deal now, it felt exciting when i was 17.

taken in the open lawn behind shawnee mission south high school. this is becky, who was helping me with some random shots (rotary phone outside). at the time i thought it was a cool idea.

now i mostly just like it as a nice portrait of her.

for a long time, this staged photo (that’s me) was one of my favorite works. i still like it, but like the one of becky and the phone i wonder now why i thought it was such a great concept. that’s high school for you, i guess.

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facebook, for all its drawbacks and annoyances, is a remarkable tool for reconnecting with old friends.

such is the case with teressa and i.

we’ve been “friends” on facebook for a few years, but were friends and part of a group all the way back in middle school. i don’t think we’ve seen each other since 8th grade.

her husband was sent to hawaii for work and she didn’t hesitate to use it as an opportunity to take a vacation. and i had the good fortune catch up with her and meet her husband and two daughters this past weekend.

i was looking for an old picture to compare with this one, but alas, i couldn’t find one. there may be some in boxes somewhere at my mom’s house in overland park. but it’s more likely that there aren’t any. i don’t think i really started carrying a camera around until high school.

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weddings are nice. they’re an excuse to travel. they’re an excuse to drink and celebrate. and, if you’re fortunate enough not to be in the wedding party, they’re an opportunity to gather with friends and relax.

this was the case back in september 2004, when i attended a college friend’s wedding in columbus, ohio. i had moved to hawaii just a couple years prior and it was the first time i’d seen a lot of my college friends since i left oxford.

a “selfie” of me looking hairless and chubby. at the time i was keeping kosher and wearing kipper at the time.

my good friend and former roommate, hal. the birdie was a pretty typical pose for him (and for me too, actually).

me. rudely awakened the morning of the wedding.

from left to right: erin, melanie, missy, and me. “my girls”. though not evident in the photo, i had a bit of a thing for erin, who i’d see next at hal’s wedding several years later in chicago.

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