weddings are nice. they’re an excuse to travel. they’re an excuse to drink and celebrate. and, if you’re fortunate enough not to be in the wedding party, they’re an opportunity to gather with friends and relax.

this was the case back in september 2004, when i attended a college friend’s wedding in columbus, ohio. i had moved to hawaii just a couple years prior and it was the first time i’d seen a lot of my college friends since i left oxford.

a “selfie” of me looking hairless and chubby. at the time i was keeping kosher and wearing kipper at the time.

my good friend and former roommate, hal. the birdie was a pretty typical pose for him (and for me too, actually).

me. rudely awakened the morning of the wedding.

from left to right: erin, melanie, missy, and me. “my girls”. though not evident in the photo, i had a bit of a thing for erin, who i’d see next at hal’s wedding several years later in chicago.

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for this week’s throwback thursday, here are two pictures taken in my hometown of overland park, ks. in september 1993; i was 15.

my mom has been sending me, slowly, stuff from her house that i want to hold on to.  among other things, this has included pictures. so sitting in my apartment in honolulu is a growing pile of photos and negatives. they’ve been either given to me by family, friends or that i have taken over the years.

i used to dabble in photography, though i won’t claim to have been any good….

i’ve been looking through them off and on and contemplating how to most efficiently digitize them. in the short-term, kinko’s is sufficient, though not cost effective. i’ve found a home scanner that is very good for both negatives and photographs. but it’s not inexpensive, so that’s going to have to wait.


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you’d think with something like 8000 pictures to choose from, i wouldn’t have any trouble finding something to share on thursdays. but i have been struggling the last few weeks….

so, this is from mid-october 2007. i don’t recall for what celebratory reason we’d gathered at kona brewing company. from the lei emma has donned, i’m guessing it was her birthday. or it could have been something school related…. can you graduate in mid-october from a masters or phd program?

from left to right: dean, becky, me, emma, beks, katja.

i miss these guys.

and can’t help but think… i’m the only one pictured that’s still single.

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as i come to the late afternoon, i’m still struggling to materialize a worthwhile post for today; i’m feeling overwhelmed.

it happens occasionally. my brain goes into overdrive on so many things at once, that it becomes hard for me to focus much on anything at all. life pressures, reminders of things i want to do, or put another way, things i haven’t done or things that are absent in my life.

over the years, i’ve learned this is a symptom, at least for me, of the mild but chronic depression (dysthymia) that i struggle with. so no real post today, instead just a list of topics, thoughts, ideas, feelings running through my head:

money and debt… online dating and relationships… photography… writing… graduate school… work… career… health… weight… smoking… presidential election… productivity and organization… home ownership….

throwback thursday should offer me a relatively easier post, though i’ll have to find a good picture. in the meantime, the best thing for me is to keep my head down and ride out this temporary disfunction until my brain quiets down a bit.

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in a effort to keep the streak going of posting something every day, here’s a pretty picture.

i do promise i’m working on a couple of longer pieces, but they’re taking a bit of time. hopefully, this will distract you in the meantime.

this one was taken with my canon t5i during my visit to new zealand. toward the tail end of my time there, we had dinner and stayed the night in taupo. this is one of the first i made substantial edits to using lightroom.

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