as i come to the late afternoon, i’m still struggling to materialize a worthwhile post for today; i’m feeling overwhelmed.

it happens occasionally. my brain goes into overdrive on so many things at once, that it becomes hard for me to focus much on anything at all. life pressures, reminders of things i want to do, or put another way, things i haven’t done or things that are absent in my life.

over the years, i’ve learned this is a symptom, at least for me, of the mild but chronic depression (dysthymia) that i struggle with. so no real post today, instead just a list of topics, thoughts, ideas, feelings running through my head:

money and debt… online dating and relationships… photography… writing… graduate school… work… career… health… weight… smoking… presidential election… productivity and organization… home ownership….

throwback thursday should offer me a relatively easier post, though i’ll have to find a good picture. in the meantime, the best thing for me is to keep my head down and ride out this temporary disfunction until my brain quiets down a bit.

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hopefully i’ll do better with a tuesday-friday schedule.

this is my shortest video, i think, to date. on the one hand, it’s good, as i’ve been told videos much longer than four minutes are too long and people may not watch to the end. the analytics for my channel don’t seem to bare that out, but i have nonetheless been trying to keep them to under four minutes, with obviously little success.

i’ve realized that i have a tendency to repeat myself though the course of my videos, so i’m going to concentrate on not repeating myself, or should i not be successful on that front, then be more aggressive at the editing stage. i’m also growing more aware of myself and what i say as i’m recording, allowing me to self-correct on the fly, minimizing stuttering and stumbling.

it’s all a work in progress….

and speaking of works in progress, today will be day two of the workout routine (and accompanying self-restricting diet). last night when i finished i really thought i’d be so sore today that walking would be difficult. surprisingly, though, i have very little residual pain. there is some stiffness. this is likely more a reflection of the fact that i didn’t work as hard as the man in the video wanted me to and less likely attributable to my actual fitness level.

i’m kinda looking forward to another workout today, which frightens me a bit.

finally, the smoking quit is an ongoing struggle. i’ve only had one actual cigarette today (sucking on gum now), but i have little doubt that i will struggle for a while.


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i’m sorry i was so bad last week getting videos and blogs uploaded in a timely fashion. i struggled to come up with material, so was able to only do one video last week. and then i was lazy this weekend getting a blog post up.

lazy, lazy, lazy. bad, bad, bad….

here’s the one i recorded for this past friday:

and i plan to record one today to have posted tomorrow. i’ll be switching to a tuesday, friday schedule and i hope that will be a little easier to maintain.

on the cigarette front, i’ve been cigarette-free since saturday afternoon. so far so good….

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today i try to quick smoking (again). i’m about eight hours into the quit, but so far it seems to be going ok. there have been some minor cravings, but nothing the nicotine gum can’t take care of. it’s possibly a rationalization, but i’m not sure it’s so much the nicotine for me as it is the act of smoking itself. that’s what i miss, the inhalation itself, more than the actual nicotine itself. maybe that’s all crap and i’m just in the early stages of withdrawal.

still, so far so good and i’m trying to stay positive about it. i really do need to quit.

today i also publish the very first, official, regarding frost video blog. it touches a bit more on last weekend’s election, as well as my attempt to exercise more and quit smoking. admittedly, it’s a little longer than i had hoped, but i think it’s a decent first video.

you’ll be able to subscribe to the newly created youtube channel and most, if not all of the videos will also be posted on my blog here, so you should be able to sign up for an rss feed. or just check back often.

i welcome constructive criticism, tips, and ideas!

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