at 7:07:49am yesterday morning, there was an earthquake off the coast of the big island.  there was a major aftershock shortly after.  needless to say, i was sleeping.

the first one did wake me up, but only partly.  i woke up to a shaking room, but promptly went back to sleep.  i didn’t even feel the aftershock.  i woke up again at about 10:30am to a house without power, so i went back to sleep for an hour.  when i woke up again, about an hour later, there was still no power, but i thought it was just in my neighborhood.  i had completely forgotten about the shaking room a few hours earlier.  or maybe i thought i had just been dreaming.

i headed to a local coffee shop, only to find the power was out there, too.  finally, i called a friend of mine to see if his power was out also, only to then learn about the earthquake.

power was out on the entire island of oahu yesterday and i’ve heard reports that there are still parts of the island without power.

i spent my day with friends, drinking, playing cards, etc.  for my first earthquake experience, it wasn’t earth shattering (hehe), but definitely interesting.  i’m sorry i wasn’t awake fully to experience the whole thing….

you’d be surprised how often there are earthquakes in hawaii.

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