as part of an effort to get rid of junk in my room, i’ve (re)transcribed all the various parts of my chronicles into a word document.

it took quite some time and i just finished with the journal. it’s always interesting to go back and read all the things i’ve written over a period of approximately 10 years. in particular, the college years were really tough to go through because it was easily the darkest part of my life.

going through it reminds me of all the insanity, of all the friends i had, and of course of katie and how the whole saga really affected me. even now, so many years later, i still have trouble reading the entries and remembering the feelings i had for her and all the hurt she caused me. after all this time, i still occasionally think about her; i wonder what she’s doing, where she is now. i wonder if she’s happy and if she ever reminisces about college, about our friendship and how it all went so wrong. i wonder if she ever thinks about me and wonders what i’m doing and where i am?

maybe she’ll come across this blog post? doubtful. still, if you’re ever bored and want some entertaining reading, take a look at either hindsight or the journal….

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