its one of my favorite things. admittedly, i don’t have the discipline to actually learn an instrument, but i like to sing along in the car. does that count?

i’m constantly finding new music and rediscovering old favorites. i’ve been thinking the last couple of days what i should post, but as i sit here, listening to all sorts of goodness, i thought i’d just share some music videos with you. enjoy.

the live version of this is beautiful and found this while looking for the other. i don’t know if it’s the ‘official’ video or not, but as pretty as the live version is, this one is just damn cool.

Music Videos by VideoCure

another awesome song by a band that is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Music Videos by VideoCure

a new one i found recently. this is the only song of theirs i’ve listened to, but i like it and will eventually get around to others.

i think i’m just going to have to go out and buy all their albums.

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