per request

its a good sign that things are looking up for this blog when i start getting requests for new content. yup, i got the first one today….

so, it turns out i’m not a total dumbass after all. ok, that may still be debatable. a friend of mine has been helping me improve my ability to decipher non-verbal communications. body language. particularly a woman’s body language. i’ve always had some inkling, but given my track record, i’ve trained my brain over the years to discount the non-verbal communication, since i really couldn’t be sure. given other quirks, phobias, and social limps i’ve developed over the years, i guess i never got the practice i needed to be more sure. big surprise.

as it happens, though, i’m not always off. though given my mental training, i’m still not confident enough in my translations to act on or respond to such language. since this is the case, i very recently had to basically be beaten over the head with a translation, which actually served as a confirmation of my suspect translation.

the particular details are, well… complicated, to say the least. i will say i’m happy that, a) i was actually proven correct in my interpretations and, b) that my feelings are reciprocated. of course it’s nice and it’s been a while. beyond that, i can’t really comment both out of a respect for privacy and because i simply don’t know what else to say.

in other news:
~hurray for pandora on the rockin’ iphone!
~i’m (again) trying to learn to play the guitar, watch out for my debut solo album in the next 30 years.
~a new posting on people’s dialectic.

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