RF Vlog 1: No More Smoking

today i try to quick smoking (again). i’m about eight hours into the quit, but so far it seems to be going ok. there have been some minor cravings, but nothing the nicotine gum can’t take care of. it’s possibly a rationalization, but i’m not sure it’s so much the nicotine for me as it is the act of smoking itself. that’s what i miss, the inhalation itself, more than the actual nicotine itself. maybe that’s all crap and i’m just in the early stages of withdrawal.

still, so far so good and i’m trying to stay positive about it. i really do need to quit.

today i also publish the very first, official, regarding frost video blog. it touches a bit more on last weekend’s election, as well as my attempt to exercise more and quit smoking. admittedly, it’s a little longer than i had hoped, but i think it’s a decent first video.

you’ll be able to subscribe to the newly created youtube channel and most, if not all of the videos will also be posted on my blog here, so you should be able to sign up for an rss feed. or just check back often.

i welcome constructive criticism, tips, and ideas!

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