throwback thursday: 2 from 1993

for this week’s throwback thursday, here are two pictures taken in my hometown of overland park, ks. in september 1993; i was 15.

my mom has been sending me, slowly, stuff from her house that i want to hold on to.  among other things, this has included pictures. so sitting in my apartment in honolulu is a growing pile of photos and negatives. they’ve been either given to me by family, friends or that i have taken over the years.

i used to dabble in photography, though i won’t claim to have been any good….

i’ve been looking through them off and on and contemplating how to most efficiently digitize them. in the short-term, kinko’s is sufficient, though not cost effective. i’ve found a home scanner that is very good for both negatives and photographs. but it’s not inexpensive, so that’s going to have to wait.


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