throwback thursday: the wedding of danny and lindsey

i have a terrible memory for names, dates, events…. this, sadly, includes important birthdays and anniversaries. thankfully in this age of smartphones and facebook, i’m pretty well covered.

and so it is today. scanning my facebook thread while walking from the parking lot to my office this morning, i was reminded that nine years ago today one of my old high school friends married a wonderful woman who is absolutely perfect for him.

i traveled to my place of my childhood to attend the wedding, bachelor party, and other gatherings. plus spend quality time with so many friends i don’t see nearly enough.

matching their style, the wedding and the reception and fun that followed was a well-tuned balance of elegant and goofy fun.

i had dinner with danny and lindsey and their two adorable daughters this past august while on my extended post-convention vacation.

i can’t believe it’s already been nine years. but so it goes.


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