two parts: one event, one question

as i’ve been bogged down in actual work today, this will be a quick post.

one. i want to invite everyone to the fifth annual laborfest.

it’s a great event, put on by good, solid progressives and supporters of economic justice concerns and organized labor. please attend if you can and spread the word.

two. in an effort to encourage more people to read my blog, i thought it might be worth asking people what they might like to see me write about. current events, politics, personal… whatever, are just some examples. of course, if the suggestion is, for me, boring or too personal, etc. i just pass it over. but maybe there are some good ideas, interesting topics that folks might want to see written about here.

i’d really appreciate any suggestions on topics you can share.

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  1. Shawn Steiman

    1. Exploring why politicians ought to consider pushing for a more medium platform rather than pushing far to one extreme or another. This may not be your belief, but it is an idea I’d like to see explored.
    2. Sharing successes in your life that stem from goals you’ve set for yourself.
    3. Observations about life in Hawaii
    4. Why Led Zeppelin is better than Pink Floyd

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