what’s happened?

the last few weeks have seen a strange realization.  i’ve been counciling one or two friends regarding some aspects of their lives and issues relating to relationships.  under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be anything strange, except that these are people i used to turn to for help and advice regarding my life.

since finishing my time with dr. welch, i’ve been growing a different view of my life and of the world, one that gives me more confidence and less stress.  now, i’m giving the same or similar words of advice to these friends that they used to give me.  to be honest, it’s a bit strange and unsettling.  when did i become the voice of reason?  when did i become such a stable pillar of advice?  don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining.  in fact, i think its great that i can be a help to these people that were such a big help to me during the most difficult and confusing times in my life.  it just never occurred to me that this might happen.  i call it a side effect of being healthy.

i said the same thing when i first realized what it felt like to be happy.  i mean really happy.  it just kinda hit me one day.  ‘oh, this is what it feels like.’  of course, i always wanted to be happy and kinda figured that one day i would be, but when it actually happened, i was surprised and, to be honest, a little freaked out.  now the same is true about this most recent development.  it never occured to me that i’d be doling out advice on topics that i once sought council myself.

this is not to say that i am perfect or 100% healthy.  i still have my laundry list of issues relating to the social realm and to relationships.  and i’m not sure, given the necessity, that’d i’d be able to follow my own advice, but i just don’t worry nearly as much as i used to and i think that’s the best part of all.

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