music monday is back this week with one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists: tiny dancer by elton john.

i tried a new location in my apartment to record in an effort to try and keep the setting a bit fresh. i’m not sure it worked out.

this is also the first video, i think, in which there was no discernible gap between the video and audio (at least youtube couldn’t detect any), which is good.

i’m hoping to try out different scenes in the coming weeks. any suggestions? or suggestions for songs?

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this past weekend i spent time with hundreds of progressive activists and leaders from across the state at the people’s congress.

it was an exciting and inspiring two-day conference that i hope will be the beginning of a political shift in hawaii.

i’ll talk more about the whole event later, but for today’s music monday video, i wanted to share a performance that we were honored to witness at the conclusion of the weekend’s work.

kupu hawaii is a non-profit organization that, “empowers future generations to create a more sustainable, pono Hawaii”. the kids who participate in the program come from difficult circumstances, bad homes, etc.

they were at the venue with us the whole weekend. the help prepare and serve us food, helped set up for us. and they were so kind, generous, and so excited about what were were undertaking at the people’s congress. these performances were their way of saying, “thank you” to us.

really, though the whole weekend was incredibly humbling and inspiring, it was the performance of these kinds that nearly brought me to tears sunday afternoon.

please check out and share the two videos, check out the organization, and if you can, please donate. kupu hawaii does amazing work.

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having been distracted by one of my adorable nephews (and other family members) this weekend, i didn’t get around to recording anything for today’s music monday.

so instead, i thought i’d share something else.

i imagine most of you know who jack black is. but did you know he started out a long time ago on an hbo show called “tenacious d,” about his two-man band of same name? i’ve been a fan of both black and tenacious d for years.

when jack black’s acting career took off, the band project took a back seat. still, they’ve released an album or two that are pretty funny and not bad, as far as the music goes.

anyway, here’s an episode from that hbo show. enjoy.

i hope to get back to my recordings next week.

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after returning from a lovely evening with friends for dinner and a movie, i realized i still needed to record something for today.

so, here’s one from my high school days (damn i’m getting old). i like this song that, for better or worse, reminds me of a string of unrequited loves and crushes i do my best not to recount on this blog.

i’m still struggling a bit with properly syncing the audio and video. this one was trickier, for some reason, than the last couple.

anyway, happy music monday.

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last week was a rough one. i didn’t more than a couple of posts completed, but i didn’t want to miss a music monday video. luckily, i recorded two last week, which made it a bit easier today. and the editing went smoother this week.

so, the temper trap is a band that was suggested to me by one of my music geek friends. some of the songs are hit and miss, but this one i really like.

i think my lip sync is pretty good and hopefully you’ll find it entertaining. it’s not nearly as entertaining as the “official” music video, which i think is great.

particularly great is the puddle-splashing and fireworks.

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