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The core of this blog began when I was in my early teens. Even back then, I enjoyed writing and it was during those formative years that I began keeping a journal. A diary.

It was the early nineties and the personal computer was only beginning to be a staple in homes across the country. Hundreds and hundreds of words, written on paper in terrible penmanship wouldn’t be transcribed and uploaded to the timeless internet until nearly a decade later when I created my very first personal website while in college.

A yawning depression and desire to belong colored emotional letters, journal entries, heartfelt poems, and short stories. Much of this work I would later and separately catalog in a collected work: The Howling Melancholy Chronicles (Poems, Letters, Journal).

The last short story I would write is autobiographical and details my relationship with someone in college I cared for deeply. Written shortly after I graduated, I had it bound and mailed it to her, with a mix CD. Hindsight was a cathartic work that I haven’t been able to read through since I wrote it all those years ago.

RegardingFrost, this blog, the extension, and continuation of my journal, was created in early 2004. It has gone through many redesigns and has seen fits and starts in the consistency with which I post. Around the same time, I created my People’s Dialectic blog, which still exists, but has been dormant for years.

I have always written in an effort to understand my emotional state and to exorcise the demons of my youth. Now, I write also to try to inform and share ideas about issues and politics. RegardingFrost has become a combination of old and new personal exploration and storytelling. I have taken to writing about current events and political commentary, as well.

You can learn more about my professional life from my business website and resume.


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  1. I have looked throughout this website, and wonder if you are aware that nowhere can the reader find the name of the author of this material? #Whodonit?

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