yesterday was rough. or rather, last night. i’ve been getting what can best be described as tension headaches. usually sleep will cure them, but for some reason last night even sleep didn’t work.

i didn’t actually manage to fall asleep until something like 3:30 this morning. and the damn thing is still with me….

thankfully, the headache didn’t come on until well after i managed to record today’s music monday lip-sync. an “oldie” from my high school days. i had friends then who made fun of me for liking hoodie and the blowfish and i imagine i’ll get some of the same for today’s video.


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i haven’t gotten a lot of feedback on my lip sync music monday format….

here’s another one for today. one of my favorite, and less known i think, billy joel songs.

this one was a bit quicker to make, as i just used the last one as a template.

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as promised, i’ve got a new format for music mondays… me!

though i’m pretty happy with the final result of this first attempt, i sure my performance can be improved going forward.

this was also the first video i’ve done using adobe premiere pro, instead of iMovie. i can see how premiere pro can be a powerful tool, but it’s going to take some learning. and i won’t tell you how long it took me to sync the video to the song.

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for the rare saturday post, i wanted to share some ideas i’ve been toying with to improve my blog and, hopefully, make it more appealing.

at least one involves reintroducing my video blog via my youtube channel. i’m hesitant to share too much because i kind of want it to be a surprise. what i will say is that i’m looking to change the nature of my posts for “music mondays”. while i think they’ve been ok, i realize they may be more interesting and entertaining if i personalized, rather than just posted music videos. hopefully you’ll enjoy what i’ve come up with.

the other is a little more amorphous at this stage. a friend, in response to a previous post, posed to me a question that is an interesting idea. Explore “why politicians ought to consider pushing for a more medium platform rather than pushing far to one extreme or another.”

while the question has some merit, i think the mindset behind it is maybe misguided. still, more substantive political posts, including some response to his question, is a good idea. i’m thinking about a way where a conversation between myself and various activists, politicians, etc.

live posts would be difficult, unless they were done during the weekend. i could meet with these folks, record and then transcribe the conversation on a particular topic. or, do the same thing, but in video form.

this is something i thought about doing previously, but never put much effort into it.

i’ll keep you posted on how these projects progress, but keep an eye out for my new “music monday” format and let me know what you think. in the meantime, enjoy your weekend and please keep visiting my blog.

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one of the very first concerts i went to when i was in high school was they might be giants. i think it was for their “john henry” album release in 1994. though so many of their albums are terrific, this one is noteworthy because it was the first one recorded with a full band; previously it has just been the johns on their own.

still the video i’m sharing today is “ana ng” from another album, “lincoln,” released in 1988.

they might be giants, though i don’t often listen to them anymore, are one of my favorite bands and among the best live performers i’ve ever seen.

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