a weekend of productivity and disappointments

many people i know spent the labor day holiday weekend sunbathing on a beach, enjoying the company of friends and family, and the like. i basically spent the weekend studying.

roughly six hours on saturday.
almost seven hours on sunday.
nearly four hours today, a holiday on which i didn’t have to work….

for those of you who don’t already know, i plan on applying (most likely) to richardson law school at UH and in preparation for said application, i’m preparing to take the lsats. i’ve been studying like made for three days because my plan including taking the test the first weekend of october.

well, today that plan was forced to be altered. just slightly. i waited too long, apparently, to register for the test, and as a result all the slots are now filled. so i’m forced to register for the december test. ultimately, it’s not a bit change of course, though i can’t help but worry a bit about what this shift will do to my chances of acceptance. admittedly, i am seeing, after just one weekend, signs of improvement, and am pleased about that. what’s more, i’ll have an extra two months to study for the test, about which i was already starting to panic.

i also spent part of today writing the first draft of the essay for my law school application. in september? yes. i have to, in as many ways as possible, make up for my relatively crappy undergraduate marks. this includes writing a kick ass essay, in addition to getting a high than average score on the lsat and excellent letters of recomendation.

you might think it odd, my posting the draft for all to see, but for one thing, look at all the other stuff i’ve posted here over the years. for another, i like the idea of allowing those people who are closest to me and those who have been so supportive of my current plan to read, comment on, and edit my essay….

disappointingly, plans i’d been looking forward to most of last week to get together with a friend were at the last minute dashed. it wasn’t their fault, but i did expect it to be the highlight of my weekend and, admittedly, pouted just a bit after i got the call. what can i say? such is life.

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