dating sucks…

…in any format. in case you didn’t catch that, i’ll say it again. dating sucks in any format. online dating or real-world dating, both fill me equally with trepidation.

i’m sorry it’s taken me a little long to get this post up here. it’s been up on youtube for a few days now and have even gotten some feedback.

a friend of mine from college suggested checking out its another dating site, a free one, and where she met her husband.

free is good, however, before signing up, i looked at some reviews online, some comparisons between eharmony, match, and okcupid. as one might expect, all three have their pros and cons. according to most of the reviews i read, match is the best value for the money, with the qualifier that you’ll likely have to sift through large numbers of profiles to find one worth looking at more closely. this mirrors my experience with the site. eharmony seems to be good for those who are really serious about meeting someone, but allows for no interaction (you can’t even look at pictures or extended profiles) without a paid subscription, which would set me back about $60 a month. anyone want to pitch in to help? okcupid, according to my friend, is pretty good. however, because its free i’d likely have to sift through even larger piles of crap than match before maybe coming across someone promising. online reviews more or less say the same thing.

so, while i continue to contemplate how badly i want to be coupled (is it really worth $60 a month to me?) i might check out okcupid.

there are things about my personality and psyche, which i consciously left out of the video, that make dating an even steeper hill to climb than what i’ve already laid out. despite that part of me that wants to be coupled, there are other, potentially stronger, parts of me that simply have too much fear, doubt, and psychological damage to make dating anything more than an exercise in futility.

sorry, some things are just too embarrassing for the public forum of the internet…. you’ll just have to take my word for it. i hope you enjoy the video nonetheless.

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